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You Asked, We Heard: 6 Amazing August 2018 Product Updates

5 September 2018 |

API2Cart continues to deliver the new features, updates and improvements we have worked on. In this release, you will find about the following enhancements: better support for Demandware, Magento and...

API Digest #100: When to Use What: REST, GraphQL, Webhooks, & gRPC

27 August 2018 |

Are you upset that summer is almost over and you think that there is nothing permanent in this world? You are wrong, because what remains unchanged forever is our weekly...

Top 5 Things Ecommerce Sites Should Understand About Mobile-First Indexing

23 August 2018 |

The world is gearing up for a mobile-first future, with more and more people now preferring the use of smartphones and tablets over laptops and PCs. A Google study on...

B2B eCommerce News Monthly: Three Tips For B2Bs When Cross-Selling And Upselling

20 August 2018 |

Welcome to the August edition of our regular monthly wrap-up of B2B e-commerce news. Here is the list of topics you will find covered in this article: Three Tips For...

The Best New Innovations in API

17 August 2018 |

This article was written by Michael Isberto. Michael Isberto is the Blog Director and a Content Writer for Colocation America. He received his B.A. in Communication Studies with an emphasis...

API Digest #99: Is REST Still a Relevant API Style?

13 August 2018 |

Following the old tradition, let’s start your week with a cup of coffee or tea, tasty breakfast and a portion of API news. In today’s edition you will find a...

API Methods for Warehouse Management Systems

10 August 2018 |

Sooner or later every retailer faces the difficulties with control over quantity of products and orders: errors in fulfilling orders, shipping goods, overselling, etc. To cope with challenges of the...

6 Important Email Workflows for Marketing Automation

28 August 2018 |

This is a guest post by Grace Carter. She is a writer at Assignment Help Service and at Big Assignments, where she works alongside a team of writers and editors....

Top 3 Marketplaces Your eCommerce Software Has to Integrate With

3 August 2018 |

Marketplaces have entirely changed the face of eCommerce. Almost all people start their product searches and make purchases on marketplaces. For retailers marketplaces are great additional sales channel to present...

API Digest #98: How APIs Have Changed Application Development

30 July 2018 |

Following the old tradition, let’s start your week with a cup of coffee or tea, tasty breakfast and a portion of news. In today’s edition you will find a brief...

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