Benefits of API2Cart for Your Startup

Expand your market share
Win more clients by having access to data from stores built on the shopping cart they use.
Save your money
On average, monthly costs for integration development is from $2000-$6000. With API2Cart you can significantly reduce your expenses.
Forget about updating issues
Integrate once with API2Cart and never worry about maintaining separate connection with shopping carts.
30-days free trial period
See how API2Cart works and helps your application to integrate with 40+ shopping carts with no risks.
Get 24/7 support
Our technical specialists are ready to answer all your questions by email or chat 24 hours a day.
100+ methods to manage data
Work with all needed data from your clients' stores like products, orders, shipments, customers and baskets.

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How much does it take to build an integration?

We provide you with the possibility of using our service for 30-days for free. It’s enough time to build an integration with API2Cart.

What API methods will be available for me?

All 100+ provided methods to manage data from stores are available for you. You can easily work with products, orders, customers, shipments, categories and baskets.

What number of API requests and connected stores I can use per month?

You can use 250 000 API requests and connect your app to 100 stores per month.

How often do you new shopping platforms?

We add new shopping platforms regularly when we get enough queries from customers. You can vote to put one of the already proposed eCommerce platforms on our roadmap on our page about Supported Platforms. If you need to add one more shopping platform in our list in the shortest possible time, we can provide it for additional payment.

How long I can use Startup pricing plan?

You can use API2Cart Startup pricing plan for 6 months.

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