Data Integration for eCommerce Marketing Software

Published 1 October 2019 | Updated 24 October 2019 |

ecommerce marketing software

Amongst all existing marketing channels, email marketing is king for nearly all types of businesses. As to the eCommerce industry, it is practically unthinkable without the use of email. Aside from business communication, online merchants widely use special email marketing tools to win back customer attention, recover cart abandonment, boost sales with coupons or special offers, send order status emails, etc. Running these processes implies using various data from stores’ databases, like product descriptions, prices, customers, orders, etc.

Getting these data is being the pain point of many eCommerce marketing software. Requesting the up-to-date information from the customers every time the system needs it is absurd. To run email campaigns smoothly and automatically, such software needs to be able to freely and easily retrieve data.

Shopping cart integration for eCommerce marketing software

All the information from the online shops is stored on shopping carts, so to get access to the store data, email marketing software needs to integrate with shopping platforms. Once the system has connected to one of the shopping carts, it can work with all of the stores that are based on that platform. Having an ongoing access to stores’ databases empowers email marketing software to run many eCommerce-oriented features and do the following:

  • send emails featuring new items, discounts, and special prices;
  • send order statuses;
  • import contacts from stores and build segmented customer lists;
  • spot and track cart abandoners, website visitors, and successful purchases;
  • generate reports and statistics.

Tough truth about integrations

Data integration is absolutely necessary for email marketing systems to get its market share in the eCommerce industry, which is very powerful today. As to shopping cart connections, more means better: The number of supported shopping carts defines the number of potential customers. However, integration is a very onerous and expensive process, so it often becomes the main bottleneck for system’s growth.

Setting up data synchronization between different systems involves tons of tech work, and so does integration maintenance. It is much more reasonable to entrust shopping cart integration to professionals.

An alternative to onerous separate integrations

API2Cart is an integration solution that offers a single API to interact with over 40 shopping carts. The API2Cart API helps email marketing systems and other B2B eCommerce software vendors to connect to multiple shopping platforms while avoiding integrational difficulties. API2Cart has a detailed documentation that makes API utilizing easy and a tech-savvy 24/7 support team, which is always ready to help with any matters.

Using API2Cart, you can concentrate on your business, save time, money, efforts and get a qualitative and secure connection with shopping carts.

If you are interested in integrating your solution with multiple shopping carts, schedule a consultation with our representative or make a trial account to see how API2Cart would work for your business.