A Simple Way for eCommerce Chatbots to Gather Data for Cart Recovery

16 April 2019 |

Cart abandonment has become sore for all eCommerce businesses. In fact, the number of incomplete purchases online is 74.2 % for all industries combined, according to statistics, as of 2018....

5 Mistakes Which Increase Cart Abandonment Rate

24 November 2017 |

This guest post was originally submitted by Brenda Berg.  You’ve already managed to generate your leads through whatever methods you use. You’ve guided them through your sales funnel all the...

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Abandoned Cart API Method: A Key to Your Cart Recovery Business

23 May 2018 |

The opportunity of making money online attracts hundreds of people worldwide. Inspired by the success of many, they become e-retailers by creating their online stores on different e-Commerce platforms. As...

Abandoned Cart