Must-Read API Blog Posts: A Pre-Warm Quarter Review

29 July 2017 |

It is almost the end of March which intends that winter is no longer coming. ;) Well, at least for the next six months for sure. Meanwhile, the first quarter...


Manfred Bortenschlager: ”APIs are an extremely effective and elegant architectural way to exchange information”

29 July 2017 |

Our series of interviews with API experts is spinning up and today API2Cart wants to present you an interesting discussion with Manfred Bortenschlager (@ManfredBo on Twitter) who is an API...


Matt McLarty: “I believe APIs provide a fantastic way for merchants gain greater insights into their business trends”

26 July 2017 |

Editor’s note: Today we’ve got a great chance to talk with Matt McLarty, the vice president in API Academy at CA Technologies and just extremely broad-minded person. He has a...


Kin Lane: “If you don’t have an API, you won’t be relevant in the growing app economy.”

26 July 2017 |

Editor’s note: Today, we are proud to present you an interview with Kin Lane, tech gypsy, API Evangelist and just a great guy. His experience and expertise in API is...


Mike Holt: “API enables developers to access content and data in order to build unique experiences”

26 July 2017 |

Editor’s note: Today, we are proud to present you an interview with Mike Holt, the owner of MobiCart. Since January, 2014 Mike has been leading this powerful solution that is...

Interview with Mike Holt, the owner of

Jacques van der Wilt: API Technology Is a Key Ingredient in Our Business

26 July 2017 |

Editor’s note: Today we have a pleasure to interview a person with more than 20 years of Internet business experience - Jacques van der Wilt, the founder and CEO at...

Jacques van der Wilt and his exclusive

Igor Soloviev: API Technology Will Be Increasingly Demanded

26 July 2017 |

Editor’s Note: Today, we are going to interview Igor Soloviev, one of the co-owners of UniSender - the major e-mail and SMS marketing software in Eastern Europe. In this interview...


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