Perfect Trio: Chatbots, eCommerce and Messaging APPs

12 September 2017 |

Hardly anyone will today marvel at being able to see what the weather holds for the next weekend, book a nice hotel room for an upcoming holiday, or even buy...

The Brief History of Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots

31 May 2018 |

Artificial intelligence (AI) is among the top technological trends in many spheres, including e-commerce. However, the concept of AI has its roots in antiquity: Realistic humanoid automatons appeared in Greek...

history of AI and chatbots

E-commerce Chatbots: How They Leverage Shopping Cart Integrations

13 August 2019 |

The Purpose of E-commerce Chatbots E-commerce chatbots are interactive applications designed to automate simple routine communication tasks. However, due to the rapid growth of artificial intelligence, chatbots are expected to be...


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